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Photography has come a very long way. The cameras nowadays can capture things that you can barely see with your naked eye. Slowly, this little hobby transformed into art. The photos we seize are spectacular, but only because technology allows it.

Amir 3 in 1 Fisheye Lens & Macro Lens & 0.4 Super Wide Angle Lens
3 In 1 HD camera lens, 0.4X super wide angle lens
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KG Accessories 198º Fisheye Lens 5x Macro Lens and 0.63x Wide Angle
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198° fisheye lens
0.63x wide angle lens
VicTsing 3 in 1 Fisheye Lens
0.4X Super Wide Angle Lens x1, 180 Degree Fisheye x 1
Widely Compatible Design
comes with 2 special detachable design clamps

Cameras are everywhere. I don’t think they even make phones without them anymore. Some smartphones have more megapixels than conventional cameras. Anything is possible these days. But what makes perfect pictures? The right accessories, of course. And today we are going to talk about fisheye lenses.

What is a fisheye lens?

The definition is somewhere between ultra-wides lenses and the exact opposite of them. An ultra-wide will try to eliminate distortion, whereas a fisheye embraces it and turns it into excellent results. What you need to remember is that fisheye lenses love distortion and will make the best of it.

The angle of view varies from one model to another, but it starts at 100 degrees and goes as up as 180.  Some models even go higher than that. On 35 mm sensors, the fisheye lenses measure around 8-10 mm, while the ultra-wides start at 14 mm.

There are two types of fisheye lenses, the circular and the full frame ones. The difference between the two is that the first kind projects the image within the limits of the sensor, the result being a fully circular image on a rectangular frame. The second type covers the sensor entirely and projects a circular image. Simple as that.

The benefits of fisheye lenses

So, if fisheye lenses love distortion, why use them then? Because distortion can be beautiful in its own way. Plus, you can do things that a regular lens will never allow.

  • They can create an ultra-wide image. The leading lines can be curved, and the result is a spherical feel that looks amazing. It really is easy on the eye.
  • You can take photos in really small places. Have you ever went to a small pub and wanted to take a group photo but couldn’t because of the confined space. You had nowhere to go, more in the back I mean, to capture everyone there. Well, a fisheye lens will give you that opportunity. You can even edit the photo to make it look natural. Problem solved.
  • You will take the most dramatic photos with these lenses. Point the camera up, or if you are in a high place, point it down. You can capture the busy city life, especially in urban areas with a lot of skyscrapers. It will look amazing.
  • You can exaggerate perspective. If you are a photography enthusiast, then you know how satisfying it can be to turn something normal into something thought-provoking. A fisheye lens will allow you to do precisely that.
  • They will provide an immense depth of field. That means you can photograph someone that is literally inches away from your lens, and the background will still remain in focus. To infinity.

Photographs will always want to try something new. A fisheye lens will provide that novelty. It can be a challenge at first, but once you get the hang of it, meaning that you must think differently from using a conventional lens, you will absolutely love it. Everyone says that they will not try it and that they don’t need it, but after a while with it, they all fall in love with what they can capture. All you need to do is get creative.

How to find the best fisheye lenses

This is the hard part. What you should know is that all the “greats” in photography manufacture them. Nikon, Canon, and Pentax, they all produce high-quality fisheye lenses. But if you are a beginner and you just want one for your phone, I advise you search for cheaper versions. Here is what you should look at when you buy a fisheye lens for your phone.

  • The setup – you don’t just have to stick it there, you know. The best fisheye lenses will come with a clip-on design that will keep the lens steady. It has to be easy to put on and easy to dismount. Anything other than that is not worth it. But then again, that’s just me.
  • The compatibility – a good fisheye lens will be compatible with a variety of smartphones. Just because you change the phone, that doesn’t mean you need a new fisheye lens. It doesn’t make sense. So look for one that is compatible with your current phone, but with others as well. Especially the ones you like and may be thinking of purchasing in the future.
  • The angle – go as high as possible. The angles vary, as I told you above. With a range of 100 degrees to 180 (some even higher), you have where to choose from. So depending on what you are planning to do with it, go for the fisheye lens with the greatest number.
  • The clarity – I know that a fisheye lens distorts images, that is its job, but clarity should remain pure. Always. You will achieve the best clarity by purchasing a lens made of high-quality glass.
  • Calibration – I know that it seems far-fetched to create virtual reality using camera phone photos, but some people do it. So if you are planning on doing so, look for a self-calibrating fisheye lens. Why? Because it will make your job a lot easier.
  • Magnification – this feature differs when we are talking about the wide-angle lens and macro lens, so go for the values you need the most. It depends on what you want to do with it and what is your vision on fisheye lenses.
  • Accessories – this is a no-brainer. The more accessories, the better. You don’t even know when you might need them. Or get creative and try something new. It’s entirely up to you.

What are the best fisheye lenses?

This is a question for the ages. There are so many of them that even an experienced photographer would get confused. It’s easy targeting a certain something. Just look it up, and you are done. But when you don’t know what you want, let’s just say that you are going to have a long day. You can use the information above to make a decision. It will help you filter. Meanwhile, take a look at these fisheye lenses for your phone. Maybe you find what you are looking for.

Amir 3 in 1 Fisheye Lens & Macro Lens & 0.4 Super Wide Angle Lens

Click here to buy on Amazon

Order this one, and you get them all. The 3 in 1 HD camera lens will provide everything you need. It will expand the viewing by 4x, and the angle is super wide at 140 degrees. You can enjoy everything a fisheye lens has to offer by taking high-quality photos. It will definitely improve what your camera phone can do. A lot of people are skeptical at first, but give it a chance to prove itself.

The clarity is unquestionable. Your photos will look professional, even if they are captured with a simplesmartphone. The lenses are made of superior glass that reduces glass flare and ghosting. Reflexions are not going to be an issue.

The set is easily portable. In the package, you will receive a small drawstring bag for safe keeping. Protecting the lenses against scratches is imperative. Cleaning them on a regular basis is as important. Otherwise, your photos will end up blurry and of poor quality. The clip design is universal. It can be used on a vast variety of phones. Just make sure to take the phone case off. The lenses will be more stable that way.

You should know that the macro lens the fisheye are attached together. When you use the latter, do not detach it from the macro lens. If you do so, your photos will not be as sharp and not as in depth. But when you use the macro, you can unscrew the fisheye lens. Click here to read more reviews and buy on Amazon.

KG Accessories 198º Fisheye Lens 5x Macro Lens and 0.63x Wide Angle

Click here to buy on Amazon

If you decide to order this product, you will receive a set of three lenses. They are specifically designed for iPhones from 4 to 7, but Samsung users are not left out. These lenses are compatible with all Samsung phones, from S1, all the way up to S6. Unfortunately, Samsung Edge is excluded.

Believe it or not, the fisheye lens has an angle of 198º. I am not exactly sure how the people from KG Accessories managed to achieve that performance, but they did, and all the pictures you take using the lens will capture an amazing fisheye effect. You can take beautiful group photos, or you can seize superb landscapes. The limit is your own imagination and creativity.

The macro lens you will receive can capture details by 15x. You can take extreme close-ups, without losing focus or details. It’s just amazing what such a small thing can do. The wide-angle lens is able to capture a big area by 0.63. Truth be told, each and every single lens is just perfect. The glass they are made of is superior to most lenses, which will provide you an incredible clarity. If you download the photos on your computer or laptop, no one will be able to tell you that you took them with a camera phone.

Keep in mind that the flash may be blocked while the lens is on. Also, the wide-angle lens must be used with the macro lens. Don’t try to clip the lens while the phone case is on. It will make the lens unstable, which leads to poor quality photos. Click here to read more reviews and buy on Amazon.

VicTsing 3 in 1 Fisheye Lens

Click here to buy on Amazon

Last, but not least, the VicTsing lens is a fierce competitor to other similar products. The super wide-angle (180º) will provide a larger range than almost any other lens on the market. Your photos will truly be complete. Capture the world’s beauty using the 10x macro lens. No detail will get left behind.

The clip is very easy to attach. It has a firm grip and stability is not an issue as long as you take the phone case off. Just place the lens in front of the built-in camera lens and center it by moving it in the right directions. It’s a very simple thing to achieve. Stop when the edges no longer appear on the preview screen.

The lens will come with two detachable design clamps and a portable fiber cloth for easy carrying and storage. As far as compatibility is concerned, the VicTsing Fisheye Lens fits all iPhones, from 4 to 7. However, it is not compatible with iPhone 7 Plus. Most Android phones will be able to accommodate this lens. The only requirement is that the distance between the camera and the edge of the phone is smaller or equal to 3 cm. If that condition is met, the lens is compatible. Click hhere to read more reviews and buy on Amazon.

My recommendation

It’s always difficult to make a choice between high-quality products. But I have to go with the VicTsing. In my opinion, this manufacturer provides the best fisheye lenses on the market. The macro is also high-quality, which will lead to capturing the most beautiful, focused, and detailed photos. People usually underestimate the power of a fisheye lens for phones. Honestly, I don’t know why that is. Nowadays, there are phones who have great cameras. It would be a shame not to take full advantage of it.


Fisheye lenses are not the easiest accessories to use, it takes a little bit of work to learn how to handle them. But once you do, you will not be able to stop. You will look at every picture like it’s a small piece of art. Click here to buy on Amazon

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